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AGRO Energie Rigi powered by waste wood

AGRO Energie Rigi powered by waste wood

AGRO Energie is an energy supplier in the region around Zürichsee in Switzerland. Forthe permanent expansion of its energy supply network, AGRO has decided to build a 26 MW steam plant fueled by waste wood. The Plant is located in Küssnacht in canton Schwyz. VAS was tasked by AGRO Energie to build that powerplant. This decision emphasizes the trust in VAS and its expertise for designing and building combustion plants, especially in the field of challenging fuels. This project is the second waste wood plant AGRO Energie ordered from VAS, the first being a 10MW project in Schwyz in year 2015.

VAS is delivering the full plant technology as a technical-turn-key-supplier. The plant will be supplied with 26.0MW worth of fuel to produce 24.4MW of steam to power a steam turbine with an electrical Output of up to 6,2MWei and delivers up to l8.0MWth over the company’s district heating network and process heat to a neighbouring saw mill.

In Switzerland, as well as in all other European countries, waste wood as a fuel requires a high developed combination of combustion and exhaust gas treatment System. At this project, this will be realised with a certified VAS combustion plant together with a VAS ESP&Bag-Filter combination incl. sorbent injection.
It’s the same technology used in the first waste wood plant VAS delivered to AGRO Energie Schwyz several years ago.

Technical Data

Thermal input 26,0 MW (fuel)
Steam Power (nominal) 24,4 MW
Electrical Power Output 6,2 MW (up to)
Thermal Power Output 18 MW (up to, water district heating)
Fuel recycled waste wood (A1, A2, parts of A3)

Scope of Supply by VAS

  • Fuel handling
  • Waste Wood Combustion plant incl. exhaust gas treatment by ESP & Bag-Filter incl. sorbent injection
  • Steamboiler
  • Steam Turbine
  • Water-Steam-Circuit
  • Condenser unit for heat recovery and to avoid plume down to -5°C outdoor temperature