State-of-the-art 26MW steam plant in Küssnacht put into operation

State-of-the-art 26MW steam plant in Küssnacht put into operation

In a Europe-wide tender in the summer of 2018, VAS won the contract to build a new  high-pressure steam boiler plant in Küssnacht in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.

The Küssnacht energy centre has been commissioned by our customer AGRO Energie Rigi AG and is being built on the site of Schillinger Holz AG.
This is already the second plant that VAS has planned, built and put into operation for this customer, after it had also placed its trust in VAS seven years ago and commissioned a 10 MW thermal oil CHP plant using ORC technology for heat and power generation.

For the new Küssnacht plant, the decision was made in favour of a state-of-the-art 26 MW steam plant that will be fired with waste wood, just like the 10 MW plant completed in 2015. The first plant can already look back on seven years of operation, during which the legally prescribed emission values have been fully met or even significantly undercut. Along with the attractive price, this capability was a key factor in the customer’s decision to award the contract for the new plant to VAS.

As always, VAS handled all technical aspects of the project with no interface risk for the customer. The scope of the work included:

• Waste wood incineration plant incl. flue gas treatment
• Condensation system (heat recovery + dehumidification)
• Steam boiler, steam turbine and all water/steam circuits

At the end of 2021, the time finally came to put the new steam plant into operation. Like the first plant, it will produce electricity and heat for the customer’s existing grids.  

The energy centre will be operated in conjunction with an 18,000,000 litre heat storage tank and will also supply the Schilliger sawmill with heat.