Custom Projects

VAS is a one-stop provider of solid fuel combustion plants for generating heat and electricity. Falling back on more than 30 years of experience, we plan, build and maintain systems in the range of 2 to 30 MW for private, industrial and public-sector customers throughout Europe. We develop innovative solutions and carry out custom projects in line with the exact needs of our customers.

1. Reliable fuel conveyance

The delivered and prepared fuel is stored in the storage bunker. From there, it is transported to the combustion chamber by means of hydraulic and electrically operated conveying technology. The conveyors are designed to automatically meter a wide range of fuels based on the firing rate. This seamless transition between fuel storage and combustion process forms part of a comprehensive optimisation concept.

2. Highly efficient combustion

The fuel then reaches the heart of the system, the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber, which is adapted to the respective requirements and has an advanced step grate, the fuel is dried, degassed and finally burned. Special flame control ensures that the fuel gases are burned off cleanly and completely. This continuous process is optimised by meticulously controlling the fuel and oxygen quantity. A wide range of fuels and fuel combinations can therefore be used while ensuring efficient and economical partial-load operation. The ash produced is automatically discharged.

3. Efficient heat transfer

The energy from the fuel gas is conveyed to the heat transfer medium in the boiler and the economisers and is then available to generate electricity and/or heat. The steam, thermal oil or water boilers are designed and constructed to meet the special requirements of solid fuel combustion. This means they are also low-maintenance and economical. The high energy yield benefits both the operator and the environment.

4. Modern flue gas treatment

To minimise emissions, the cooled fuel gases are treated using state-of-the-art process technology. The required technology for the respective fuel is selected and incorporated into the plant as a vital function. VAS stands for sophisticated flue gas technology, starting with the combustion process. Fractionated dust precipitation, the use of cost-effective primary measures and the application of catalytic or absorptive processes are a matter of course for us. The decision whether to use a multicyclone or a multi-stage flue gas treatment system (e.g. electrostatic precipitator and/or fabric filter) is made at the beginning of each project based on precise calculations and recognised methods. This product group also includes condensation systems, which allow the condensation heat to be used and make it possible to achieve efficiency levels of over 100% in some cases.

Control and monitoring

The entire process is fully automated and can be monitored and analysed via the process visualisation. All operating data – such as combustion quality, output regulation and flue gas composition – are monitored, optimised and continuously recorded. Remote maintenance and alerting make it possible to control the plant from anywhere.

Customer service and support

Our highly motivated and experienced specialists at VAS Service GmbH are on hand to provide first-class customer service after a VAS system has been put into operation. They will help you with all aspects of your project and the plant technology, including: spare parts, service & maintenance, fault diagnosis, optimisation measures and upgrades

So if you have any question, you can contact our service team at any time.

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