Start of main installation phase in Rydultowy

Start of main installation phase in Rydultowy

VAS has again won a Europe-wide tender as the general contractor for the construction of a thermal oil plant. In Rydultowy, Poland, an 8.3 MW biomass cogeneration plant (7 MW thermal + 1.3 MW electrical) with ORC process is being constructed for the company Cieplownia Rydultowy Sp. z o.o. in order to supply the town with heat.

This general contractor project involves switching to a more sustainable form of energy. The existing coal-fired boiler will be dismantled by VAS and the new biomass system installed.

VAS is responsible for the planning, delivery and commissioning of the biomass hybrid plant, including electrostatic precipitator and flue gas condensation. This includes the 8.3 MW plant line and the flue gas treatment system, the complete water-side thermal hydraulics including load management, the building, as well as the required technology and infrastructure.

The main installation phase in Rydultowy is set to get underway shortly. The plant will be commissioned at the beginning of 2023.