Biomass Plant Heathrow Airport

Biomass Plant Heathrow Airport

Scope of Supply by VAS

  • Fuel handling
  • Biomass plant
  • Thermal oil plant
  • Deashing
  • Dedusting by electrostatic precipitator (< 10mg/Nm³)
  • Condensation (to avoid plume down to -5°C outdoor temperature)


As part of Heathrow Airport expansion concept and realization of the new Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport Ltd. also included a selfsufficient
and CO2 reduced power generation.

Therefore Heathrow Airport Ltd. choose technology of a solid biomass powered thermal oil plant with 11,5MWth.

Produced energy is used to power an ORC unit (Organic Rankine Cycle) to generate 1,8MWel power. Remaining heat of 7,8MWth after process of electrical power generation is used for Terminal 5 (opened in year 2008) and new Terminal 2 (opens in June 2014)

Terminal 5 and 2 are connected by two new installed thermal conductions (both running below the two runways of the airport) to the within the south of airport area located Biomass Energy Center.

Heathrow Biomass Energy Center covers it`s fuel demand (2,8tons @ W30 per hour at full load) of the near forests around greater London area and signed a fuel delivery contract with a local supplier for next 15 years.

Technical Data

Thermal input 11,5 MW
Thermal output 7,8 MW
Electrical output 1,8 MW
Fuel virgin wood chips
Permission TÜV
Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC