We are your full-service partner for complete systems

for generating energy from solid fuels

Individual planning

At VAS, we focus exclusively on your needs: As a comprehensive service partner, we support you in the conception of your system with a design tailored specifically to your wishes and requirements.

Uncomplicated delivery

With the complete delivery of your system comprising our own developments and products – from fuel feed through to emissions technology – it is impossible for any interface risks to arise due to third-party providers.

Intelligent control

With our in-house control and regulation software, we not only assume a leading technological position;
we can also offer you innovative concepts that make your system operation
more efficient.

Turnkey implementation

At VAS, you receive everything from a single source: Our work begins with planning your perfectly tailored complete system and our support extends well beyond system commissioning. This allows us to react quickly as and when required.



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Our promise: The best technology from a single source.


Reliable fuel transport

The delivered and processed fuel is stored in the storage bunker, and hydraulically and electrically operated conveyor elements transport it to the combustion chamber. The conveyors are designed in such a way that a broad spectrum of fuels can be added automatically to the combustion output in accurately metered lots. This seamless transition between fuel storage and the combustion process is an integral part of a comprehensive optimisation concept.

Highly efficient combustion

The fuel is taken to the heart of the system: the combustion chamber. Here the fuel is dried, gasified and finally burned in a combustion system adapted to the respective requirements, featuring an enhanced step grate. The special flame routing ensures complete and clean burnout of the combustion gases. This continuous process is optimised by sophisticated control of the fuel and oxygen flow rates. This in turn allows use of a wide range of fuels and fuel combinations, while maintaining good partial load characteristics. All the ash produced is conveyed automatically from the system.

High-yield heat transfer

The energy from the combustion gas is transferred in the boiler and the economisers to the heat transfer medium, where it is then available for electricity and/or heat generation. The steam, thermal oil and water boilers are designed specifically to meet the special requirements of solid fuel combustion. This enables low-maintenance and economical operation. Both the operator and the environment benefit from the high energy yield.

Modern exhaust gas cleaning

The cooled combustion gases are treated in a state-of-the-art process to minimise emission levels. The required technology is selected and the system turned into a functional entirety based on the fuel being used. VAS stands for the utilisation of highly sophisticated exhaust gas technology, starting with the combustion process. Fractionated dust precipitation, use of cost-effective primary measures and the employment of catalytic or absorptive processes are all standard features. Regardless of whether a mere multi-cyclone or a multi-stage exhaust gas cleaning system (e.g. electrostatic filter and/or fabric filter) is used, the processes are planned and computed very carefully at the beginning of every project. This product group is supplemented with condensation systems that enable utilisation of condensation heat and the achievement of efficiency levels exceeding 100%.

Control and monitoring

The entire process runs fully automatically and can be monitored and analysed by means of the process visualisation. All operating data – including combustion quality, output regulation and exhaust gas composition – are monitored, optimised and recorded continuously. Remote maintenance and remote alarming enable location-independent control.




Our extensive services extend far beyond the completion of your VAS system. As soon as construction is complete, our first-class customer service team – comprising highly motivated and experienced specialists – are at your disposal with advice and support at all times.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry, and we will gladly assist you in all aspects of biomass systems technology.

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Service & Maintenance 100%
Industrial Cleaning 100%
Optimisation & Modernisation 100 %

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About us

  • VAS designs, builds and maintains systems for the generation of heat and power in the range of 2 to 25 MW for private, industrial and public-sector customers.
  • Since the company was founded in 1987, we have grown continuously, further refining and perfecting our knowledge regarding energy generation from biomass.
    Consequently, our experience gained from previously installed systems flows into every new project.
  • We always focus on the needs of our customers in the individual design of every system. We act as a full-service partner and supply the entire system from a single source. This makes coordination and communication particularly simple.

Clean air through clean technology

  • In times of indisputable global warming and diminishing fossil fuel reserves, the issue of alternative energy generation is becoming increasingly important. We need to explore new horizons and, above all, ensure that emission levels are reduced.
  • We regard it as our responsibility to play our part in creating a sustainable future. Local emission levels are therefore kept as low as possible with our systems.
  • This is achieved by evaluating our customers’ requirements very precisely. With the insights gained from this evaluation, we develop reliable solutions, not only to meet the requirements of our customers but also to help protect the environment.

Intelligent systems technology

  • Detailed planning of every single component based on an individually tailored system design means that every system component fulfils its specific role in meeting the requirements.
  • At the same time, our first-class combustion technology forms the heart of every VAS system.
  • This technology includes an enhanced step-grate combustion system that enables utilisation of a wide range of fuels by automatically adjusting the fuel residence-time to the fuel properties and distributing the combustion air over wide ranges.
  • All this is made possible by a control system that we designed specifically for this purpose and features intelligent control technology.

Our philosophy

  • VAS was founded in 1987 as a specialist for exhaust gas treatment systems. We have come a long way since then, evolving from a specialist parts supplier into an internationally active full-service provider. During this time, we have gained plenty of experience and optimised our technology with every project.
  • We have also worked continuously on innovative new developments for optimising each system and we place our trust – on principle – exclusively in first-class, state-of-the-art product quality.
  • This form of constant further development and avoidance – thanks to our ability as a full-service partner – of interface risks to products from third-party providers has evolved in recent years into our corporate philosophy and characterises the way we work at VAS today.

Turning waste into energy

  • Our company possesses extensive expertise and a wealth of experience in the field of systems technology for generating power and heat from biomass.
  • This well-founded knowledge of all the system processes is the key to systematic planning of every single component. We can therefore guarantee every customer the best possible design concept for their project.
  • Furthermore, our well-established basis as a supplier of pure biomass systems enables successful development and use of alternative fuels.
  • VAS can also respond to the widest variety of customer requirements regarding solid fuels, including waste wood and RDF material. Moreover, our technology meets also the strictest existing emission standards (e.g. WID/IED in the UK).

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